Highly recommended organisational psychology services

Psychological assessment has many benefits when selecting a competent workforce

If you want to get the most from your workforce and develop an effective management strategy to drive your business forward, Glynn MIND (formerly Barsky Consulting) is the perfect solution.

We offer expert HR services for a wide range of industries, using evidence-based practices and proven psychological techniques to create a bespoke service for our clients. Psychological assessment is an extremely effective way to recruit staff and ensures that you match the right person to the right job. This means you can be confident that your workforce will be highly efficient and successful in all that they do.

Our trained psychologists at Glynn MIND (formerly Barsky Consulting) use psychological assessment to ensure a reliable, empirically valid and highly objective employee selection process. In this way, we can help you to select those people with the right skills and competencies for your workforce, and identify where they’ll be best placed.

  • It is an objective and defensible process

  • It helps differentiate between seemingly equal candidates

  • It identifies the specific potential of every candidate

  • The process highlights issues difficult or impossible to ascertain through interview

  • It generates pertinent questions for further interviews or reference checks

  • It provides invaluable insight into how to motivate and manage a new employee

  • You can easily compare candidates to their industry peers

  • Employers can clarify issues relating to job satisfaction, productivity and tenure

  • It provides specific information regarding a candidate’s personal style and/or abilities

Psychometric Testing

Glynn MIND’s (formerly Barsky Consulting) psychological assessments are designed to assist clients in selecting the most appropriate employees to fulfil particular roles within their organisation.


It’s inevitable that at some stage in the life of an organisation, redundancy will occur. If it does, it will impact both the person leaving and those staying behind.

Career Guidance

When it comes to carving out a successful career, it’s important to be fully informed about the skills you need to acquire your dream job and how to develop your competency for a particular role.

Executive Training

Glynn MIND (formerly Barsky Consulting) provides a variety of expert HR development services designed to streamline human resources departments into more efficient and effective systems.

Employee Assistance Programs

At Glynn MIND EAP, we value connection with people and will endeavour to support your employee with issues they may currently by facing.

Glynn Mind Clinic

Our team of health professionals and psychologists also specialise in helping people overcome difficulties and optimising well being through thoughtful therapy and counselling.

The Glynn MIND team can assess the following skills:

Job-related skills
Problem-solving abilities
Various personal attitudes & motivational factors

We provide the following psychological assessments:

Psychological appraisal (conducted at our offices)
Group-based testing for large-scale projects
In-house assessment (conducted at client offices)

With years of experience in the HR industry, Glynn MIND (formerly Barsky Consulting) has cultivated an effective range of tools and techniques that will produce noticeable results for your business.

Whether you want to enquire further about how we can assist you or you would like to book an appointment, just get in touch. Our friendly and professional team can handle all types of workplace issues and will ensure you get access to the services you need.