Psychometric Testing

The top choice for expert psychological test for recruitment or development purposes

Glynn MIND’s (formerly Barsky Consulting) psychological and personality assessments are designed to assist clients in selecting the most appropriate employees to fulfil particular roles within their organisation. Our detailed assessments subsequently aid employers in identifying key competencies within their existing workforce, as well as helping them to set high-performance benchmarks for future staff.

They also help those who take part to become more aware of their professional abilities and any additional skills they may need to acquire through on-going learning and development. Ultimately, our psychological assessment techniques will save your company time and money, and create a more productive workforce.

Make the Right Choice When Selecting Your Next Employee

Choosing the right employee for your organisation can be difficult. Especially when you have a shortlist of applicants who are extremely similar and have:

  • The same education qualifications
  • Similar work experience
  • Exceptional references

When deciding between similar applicants, you want to choose the individual who has the right motivations and behaviours and has a personality that aligns with your organisation’s culture.

Psychometric testing and assessment can help predict the likelihood that someone may:

  • Demonstrate counter productive work behaviours (such as not following processes)
  • Be unmotivated
  • Display an unwillingness to meet deadlines and attend to detail
  • Not value the importance of leaving a good impression with customers
  • Not have the capacity to forward plan and maintain a goal directed approach

It can also assess:

  • Behaviours correlated to successful job performance
  • Organisational fit
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Engagement levels

Use our trusted, proven Psychological Assessments to select your candidate and be confident that they have a personality, work ethic and behaviour that aligns with your organisation and its culture.

  • Recruitment: Assessments provide risk ratings that are predictive of success.
  • Development of individuals and groups: Assessments provide targeted reports on improving tasks, leadership and relationship performance.
  • Career transition, outplacement and career coaching: Assessments highlight a candidate’s skills and ability, and provide vocational guidance to suit individual capabilities.

Types of Psychological Assessments:

Personality Assessments
Behavioural Profiles
Ability tests (for example, abstract reasoning, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning)
Emotional Intelligence
Team Building
360 Degree Feedback

Psychometric assessment goals

Career transition