Employee Assistance Programs

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At Glynn MIND EAP, we value connection with people and will endeavour to support your employee with issues they may currently be facing. We have the expertise to help them, and we recognise the importance of providing quality counselling support in times of crisis.

Employee Assist Program Return on investment

Work-related stress has been linked with high levels of unplanned absences, including sick leave, staff turnover, withdrawal and presenteeism, poor work, and poor product quality.

We measure the effectiveness of our specifically for EAP providers to measure the workplace outcomes of their EAP service. Based on these results, the return on investment of the EAP service to your organisation can be quantified.

Service overview

Under an Employee Assistance Program, the employer provides the funding that allows employees to have a limited number of confidential sessions.

An EAP isn’t confined solely to work-related conditions. An employee can get help for any problem that is causing them stress.

EAP Counselling

Your employees can make appointments directly with Glynn MIND, on a voluntary self-referral basis.

Appointments are available nationally (face to face in Melbourne and telehealth nationally) and via phone appointment if required.

As part of the EAP, the employer will pay for an agreed number of confidential counselling sessions delivered by Glynn MIND.

Manager Support Hotline – Workplace psychology

Provision of advice and guidance provided through the EAP program for senior managers facing staff member issues. Glynn MIND can assist with workplace psychology issues that managers may experience within the scope of their role, including but not limited to performance management, interpersonal and team conflict, change management and optimising team performance.

Critical Incident Support

With the support of our Critical Incident Support and Trauma Service, your employees can quickly get back to normality after a traumatic period or event. We provide support to employees who are moving through a difficult time, and to managers who need assistance in helping their workers get back on their feet.

Step 1: Psychological first aid
Step 2: Psychological and social strategies
Step 3: Formal mental health intervention

Effective work place interventions designed to optimise individual well being and business performance. We can provide support across a broad range of areas:

EAP Services Australia

Organisational psychology
Personal issues
Life and work goals
LGBTIQ support
Depression and anxiety
Trauma, grief and loss
Communication issues
Substance abuse
Improving relationship
Work/life balance
Somatic symptoms impacting your well being
Manager Hotline
Critical incident debriefing

If your organisation is not covered by an EAP service, you are still able to access our services privately