Executive Coaching and organisational psychology workshops service

At Glynn MIND, we provide a range of expert executive coaching programs that can be tailored to suit each of our clients’ individual requirements. This means we can create bespoke programs that address both your current and future needs within the workplace, and which can be adjusted accordingly, to ensure the most success.

All of our training programs are focused on obtaining the very best results for your business and are extremely flexible, so they can be adapted at any time for your convenience.

Our coaching and training services include:

Personal coaching
Our Career Focus program is suitable for employees at all levels in an organisation and is designed to get the most out of your workforce. These sessions will help each member of your organisation fulfil their potential and support them in their on-going professional development.

Personalised service
Our training programs at Glynn MIND are highly effective at improving the productivity of any workforce, helping individuals recognise and achieve their potential in the jobs that they do. By helping your employees manage stress more effectively, communicate more clearly and become more aware of their personal career issues, we can ultimately create a more inspired and dedicated workforce.

Through one-on-one meetings with our clients, we can monitor the exact requirements of your company and ensure that everything is on track to fulfil your future goals.

Training Workshops:

Stress management
People skills
Effective communication
Career focus program